Since 2014 Estonia offers foreign people the same advantages for digital services than inhabitants by becoming an e-Resident.

Applying for E-Residency

You have to apply for e-Residency and pay 100 Euros. After a check of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board you will be notified if the process is completed. Then your digital ID-card will be printed and sent to an Estonian embassy. This takes about 4-8 weeks.

Receiving your digital ID-card

I went to the embassy in Berlin (see photo above), together with my friend Achim Hepp, to receive my ID-card. After identyfing myself with my German identity card and leaving my fingerprints I got the digital ID-card together with a card reader.

Now I am a proud Estonian e-Resident

The activation of the card can take a day. I got an E-Mail confirmation about 13 hours later that my card was activated.

Installing software

Before using the ID-card for signing and verification you have to install the necessary software. On the webpage you can find the instructions and the software for the card reader. It works for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu, using a script that installs all necessary packages. Insert your card reader and the ID card, run the TeRa software, switch to English. You are asked to enter your Pin1 for login. After successful login the following message appears (see screenshot).

Now you are able to sign documents. And you can order your first Estonian Domain (see my next blog article).

How to become an Estonian E-Resident
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